A Level Fast Track

We’re one week in to our new academic term. It’s not too late to join us here! If you feel that you need extra help in any subjects or want to start a new subject there is still time.

We now have an A Level Fast Track option that will start in January.

Our new A Level Fast Track is designed for students who can work under pressure to achieve their goals in a short time. Those who will benefit most from this approach include:

Overseas students who need to complete the course within the restrictions of their Visa. (Wallace College is authroised to accept academic students for up to 6 months).

Adults who are changing career and are highly motivated.

Students who discover they require an extra A Level in order to apply for their chosen course at university.

How does it work?

Courses run from Monday 6 January 2019 to Friday 8 May. Each course involves 3 hours of tuition per week in each subject – a total of 48 hours. The cost per subject is £3150. The only additional costs are exam entries (£170 per subject).


Accommodation with host families can be arranged if required at a cost of £180 per week for bed, breakfast and dinner.

Could this be right for you? Contact us if you would like to join us!