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Revision courses offer:

  • an effective revision programme in a chosen subject/s
  • tuition and guidance from an appropriately qualified tutor
  • practice in  exam style questions
  • help with specific areas of difficulty
  • small groups - a typical class is between 6 and 8 students


A single course consists of daily sessions of 90 minutes duration.

Subjects Available

Maths, Chemistry, English, Biology, Physics, History, Philosophy, Politics, Classical Studies

Courses in Other Subjects

If the subject you want is not listed  it may be possible to organise a course if there is sufficient demand. Alternatively, we may be able to offer you private tuition.

Easter Revision Plus 5

You can continue to benefit by signing up for Easter Revision Plus 5 –  a series of 5 one-hour private lessons to be taken after the revision week.  This service is offered at the special price of £185 for 5 hours.   


£125 for one course

£240 for two courses

£350 for three courses

£455 for four courses

Private Tuition

Private tuition is available during the school holidays or in the afternoons during term time.

Fee : £45 per hour  








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