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    Flexi-Study Academic Year 2019/20


Flexi-study is a shared responsibility programme which is intended for students who wish to combine independent study with support from qualified tutors. It is up to each individual student to decide how much tuition he or she will require in order to prepare for external examination/s in his/her chosen subject/s.


Who is Flexi-study intended for?

  1. School age students who want an alternative to mainstream schooling.

  1. Students who have left school recently and need to re-sit one or more subjects or gain a qualification in a new subject.

  1. Mature students who need additional qualifications to embark on a new career or apply for a university/further education course.



Young people who find the school environment stressful or restrictive but who need additional qualifications will enjoy the more adult approach of Wallace College, whilst parents will appreciate the support and guidance offered to every student and regular reports which chart each individual’s progress throughout the course.



Wallace College is also ideal for highly motivated students who want to follow accelerated study programmes. A course that may take two years to complete in a conventional school can be completed in one year at Wallace College.

Less motivated students and those who find certain subjects challenging also benefit from our small classes and individual attention.



Students come to us with a wide range of objectives. Some simply want to achieve creditable GCSE passes; others need high grades in order to study medicine or law at university. Whatever the objective, students choose to study here because they believe our combination of informality, good teaching and continuous support, offers them the best chance of success.

For students who do not live locally we can arrange accommodation with host families. Families are carefully selected since we believe that each student needs a comfortable and supportive home environment in which to study.


What do our students think?

 Here are some comments from our students/parents;

  •  I have found all members of staff professional, approachable and supportive since my initial contact. My son displayed no interest in learning while at school. Since attending Wallace College he has shown a genuine desire to achieve and has responded positively. Tuition times have been flexible, content has been well structured and feedback has been constructive. I will definitely use the service again for my other son
  • I can’t recommend Wallace College highly enough. It’s been a very happy year for our son and we will always be so thankful we found the Wallace College”
  • “Our son did not fit in at mainstream school so moving him to Wallace College provided him with an environment where he felt comfortable and was able to catch up with his learning is now able to sit his N5’s”
  • “Well organised lessons. Teachers were friendly and I had no problems asking them any questions”


Is Wallace College accredited?

It is accredited by BAC (British Accreditation Council) and complies with its standards of educational provision

The college routine

All tuition takes place within small groups or on a one-to-one basis. Students are encouraged to participate more actively than is possible in a school classroom, asking questions and working with their tutors to resolve individual difficulties.

At Wallace College we can be flexible when it comes to timetabling. We can negotiate a programme which takes account of a student’s individual circumstances. If, for example, a student has some distance to travel, we may offer a 3-day rather than 5-day programme. We may arrange classes in the mornings only for a student who has a part- time job or other commitments in the afternoons.

Each student receives a minimum of 2 hours tuition per subject per week. In addition, students are expected to complete weekly assignments set by tutors. These assignments are an important feature of the course since they allow us to monitor progress. There is a focus on exam technique throughout the course.

Classes take place within the college premises on George IV Bridge. Facilities for private study are available within the college and students are encouraged to make use of these.

We provide regular reports on progress throughout the course.

The Director of Studies is always available to discuss any concerns parents or students may have, and to help students with the university application procedure (UCAS).



We prepare students for all of the following exams:

GCSE  IGCSE    AS    A Level

National 5   Higher   Advanced Higher


Wallace College is a recognised exam centre for the following examination boards:



The subjects we offer include:



Art history



Business studies









Modern studies




Religious studies


It may be possible for us to arrange private tuition in other subjects.

Recommended entry requirements:

For entry to N5, students should have achieved N4 or equivalent.

For entry to Higher, students should have achieved a pass at B or above in N5 or equivalent.

For entry to GCSE, students should have completed at least 2 years study in the subject/s chosen.

For entry to AS or A Level, students should have achieved a pass at B or above at GCSE.

Flexi- study options

  • A. Flexi-standard 2 hours per week for 25 weeks         £2150
  • B. Flexi-plus 3 hours per week for 25 weeks                 £3200
  • C. Flexi-max 4 hours per week for 25 weeks                  £4250


It is possible to enrol for less than 25 weeks. In this case fees will be charged pro rata. Extra tuition can be arranged if required up to the end of the exam block.

£50 cash deposit for course books is required at the beginning of the block. When books are handed back at the end of course this will be returned.

Payment due in two instalments; before the beginning of each block.


Fast Track A Level

Our FAST TRACK A LEVEL is designed for students who can work under pressure to achieve their goals in a short time. Those who will benefit most from this approach include:

Students from overseas who need to complete the course within the restrictions of their Visa. (Wallace College is authorised to accept academic students for up to 6 months).

Adults who are changing career and are highly motivated.

Students who discover that they require an extra A Level in order to apply for their chosen course at university.

How does it work?

Courses run from Monday 6 January 2020 to Friday 9 May. Each course involves 3 hours of tuition per week in each subject - a total of 48 hours. The cost per subject is £3150. The only additional costs are exam entries (£170 per subject) and a £50 book deposit which is returned when the books are returned at the end of the course.


Accommodation with host families can be arranged if required at a cost of £180 per week for bed, breakfast and dinner. 


Exam fees

  • SQA National 5                                       £70 per subject
  • SQA Higher and Advanced Higher         £70 per subject
  • GCSE/ IGCSE                                           £70 per subject
  • GCE AS and A'Level                                £170 per subject
  • CIE AS science practical                          £200 per subject
  • SQA Higher science practical                  £100 per subject
  • Private tuition                                         £50 per hour

Academic year

  • Autumn block 16th September to 13th December 2019    (12 weeks)
  • Autumn break 14th October to 18th October 2019
  • Spring block 6th January to 3rd April 2020                          (13 weeks)
  • Science practical week 30th March to 3rd April 2020
  • Easter revision course 6th to 10th April 2020
  • Exam block 20th April - 29th May 2020


How to apply 

To arrange an interview with the Director of Studies, telephone: 0131 220 3634 or send an e-mail to: info@wallacecollege.co.uk . To enrol, complete the above application form. You will then receive a formal Offer of a Place which, when signed, confirms your place.